Timbers and Decking Available Solid Sawn or Glulam, Treated or Untreated

Bridgewell maintains an extensive selection of timbers and lagging for construction, marine industries, soldier piles and lagging walls.

Standard Grade, Cut and Treated to Your Specifications

We’ll deliver to your exact specifications. Choose your species — Douglas Fir, Hem Fir, Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Red and White Oak, Port Orford and Alaska Yellow, or Greenheart. Then choose your drying method: green, kiln-dried, core dry, or radio frequency kiln dried. Custom cutting and treating is offered as well.

Timbers and Decking Product Details

  • Solid sawn or glulam
  • All material agency graded
  • Standard grades: free of heart center, boxed heart center, no heart specified
  • Available in dense and select structural
  • Drying methods: green, kiln dried, CoreDry, radio frequency kiln dried
  • Treated and untreated
  • Additional products: decking, glulam timbers and treated glulam timbers
  • Custom cutting and treating offered

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