Dragline Excavator Mats for Transmission Line, Pipeline and Drill Site Projects

Now Offering Same-Day Delivery of Wholesale Dragline Excavator Mats From Our New Location in Hopedale, Massachusetts

Designed to Handle Crawler Cranes, Dragline and Hydro Machinery

Bridgewell dragline/excavator mats are ideal for project sites where rubber-tired or tracked vehicles are in use, and are durable and reliable solutions for sites needing large dragline and hydro machinery, crawler cranes, and excavators.

Common Uses for Bridgewell Dragline Excavator Mats

  • Excavation reinforcement
  • Pipeline construction and hydro machinery
  • Transmission and telecom line work
  • Dam and waterway maintenance work
  • Railway or streetcar work
  • Renewable energy and wind farms
  • Digging mats
  • Truck mats
  • Portable road mat
  • Mud matting

Dragline Excavator Mat Product Details

  • Hardwood, Douglas Fir, or Hemlock
  • Use under machinery not exceeding 100,000 pounds
  • 4’ w x 8” h with lengths of 16’, 18’, or 20’
  • Wedges available

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