Competitively Priced Manufacturer-Direct Building Materials

When buying building materials like hardware packages, building wraps, or weatherproofing packages for a multi-family apartment complex, you need quality materials at a good price. You can purchase them from a distributor, but when you purchase from Bridgewell Connect you benefit from our deep experience in materials consulting, shipping logistics and value engineering. You can also have peace of mind that you are getting competitive pricing.

Competitively Priced Manufacturer-Direct Building Materials Such As:

  • Bridgewell Connect rod system and structural hardware packages
  • Bent metal flashing packages
  • Building wraps / Weatherproofing packages
  • Roof flashing tape and accessories
  • CLT and mass timber connector products
  • Firewall assembly solutions
  • Wall hangers and top-mount hangers for joist flooring
  • Outdoor accents and corbels
  • Brackets, anchors, and fasteners
  • And much more

We want to hear about your building material needs and see how we can help – please get in touch today.

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