DuraDeck Heavy Duty Mats for Serious Traction Over Mud, Marshes, and Sand

DuraDeck® is an interlocking ground access system made with specially formulated high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a recyclable material.

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A Ground Access System to Support Vehicles and Equipment

Engineered to provide ground protection and traction when working over mud, marshy areas or sand, DuraDeck sections are rigid yet flexible, allowing them to withstand heavy moving weights without breaking. Each 8′ by 4′, 86-pound mat is easy for one or two people to handle; up to 500 mats can be transported on standard tractor trailer or ocean shipping container.

DuraDeck Product Details

  • Resistant to warping, rotting, or cracking
  • Helps prevent contamination in sensitive environmental areas
  • 8-foot wide sections configure to accommodate heavier loads
  • Does not contain arsenic

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