A Complete Line of Treated Traffic Posts, Signposts, and Vineyard Posts.

Bridgewell sells treated and untreated used railroad ties in bulk for a broad range of applications.

Used Railroad Ties Sold in Truckload Quantities of Approximately 250

Farmers, ranchers, landscapers, homeowners, contractors and lumberyards look to us for relay and landscape grades, in oak or a hardwood/softwood mix. Creosote, copper napthenate and ACZA are available treatments; custom cutting and fabrication is available.

Used Railroad Ties Product Details

  • Treated or untreated
  • Relay and landscape grades
  • Oak or hardwood/softwood mix
  • Creosote and other treatments: copper napthenate and ACZA
  • Custom cutting and treating for bridge timbers and crossings
  • Custom fabrication

Used Railroad Ties Sizes

  • 6” x 8”, 7” x 8” and 7” x 9”
  • Lengths up to 26’ with or without end plates
  • Standard switch tie sets range from 9’ – 17’ lengths

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