Vehicles and Equipment Move Safely Across Soft Ground

Bridgewell’s MegaDeck mats interlock to make highly reliable temporary roadways for vehicles, equipment, and personnel. This fully modular interlocking system is made with all-weather, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and has tremendous weight-bearing capacity. The system connects securely in any direction with heavy-duty locking fasteners to prevent slipping, detaching or seeping mud. An overlapping flange system allows adjacent mat flanges to nest, providing strength and rigidity. As equipment traverses over varying ground conditions, Rugged-Road™ mats distribute weight over a large surface area. Gasketed seal-off lids prevent moisture and other contaminants from penetrating mats.

Product Detail

  • Standard large mat 4.25”x7.5’x14’ (1030 lbs.)

  • Standard small mat 4.25”x7.5’x7.5’ (530 lbs.)
  • Prevents slipping, detaching or seeping mud
  • UV resistant; will not rot, deteriorate or delaminate
  • Portable and reusable; pressure wash to clean
  • Environmentally friendly, minimal reclamation
  • Ideal for build-outs, work platforms, bone yards, contaminant areas

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