Ground Protection Mats for Construction Sites

Bridgewell stocks crane mats, excavator mats, laminated (swamp mats) and composite mats for your project. Our mats range in different sizes and types depending on ground conditions, equipment used and environmental concerns.

Heavy construction mats are used to help stabilize and protect the ground on small to large projects. The mats are used to build lifting platforms for large cranes, build access roads for equipment or to protect sensitive areas, like tree roots or pipeline crossings. Crane mats are also used for culvert and small stream crossing—temporary bridging.



Just Tell Us What Kind, What Size, How Many and When

Bridgewell mats are the stationary platforms for mobile cranes on wind farms and power plants, the stable ground for cranes and heavy lift equipment, the temporary roads on large pipeline, natural gas projects, electric transmission projects and the ground protection for sites in swamps. Our product lines include timber mats, laminated mats used for broad ranging applications, and composite mats, like DuraBase or Megadeck, that can be interlocked—ask and we’ll deliver. Most Bridgewell mats can be purchased new or used, rented, or purchased with a buy back option. When unique projects require a specialized product, we will customize mats to meet your specification.



Our Knowledge, Experience, and Financial Stability Save You Time And Money

Longtime Bridgewell customers know we are a company that values our working relationships. Having product that is readily available to our customers is consistent with an uncompromising service ethic—whatever is in the best interest of our customer will always come first. We will address cost savings from every angle, starting with our supply chain management system and superior logistic operation—efficiencies built into our systems translate into cost savings for our customers. Financial stability allows us to take good care of our own business practices, like maintaining depth of product inventory in strategically placed locations across North America and having a responsible team in place to answer questions and handle product deliveries, even during off hours.



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