A Global Network with Full Service and Support

When Bridgewell gets a call for 30,000 or more utility poles in the aftermath of a hurricane, we’ll get them there. We deliver construction and heavy equipment mats to job sites in remote corners of the world, work with developers to get projects off the ground, know how and when to get the best price for a shipment of wood products and building materials, provide value-added solutions for a contractor’s multi-family building project—all in a day’s work. Accepting challenges, thinking creatively—this is the Bridgewell way.


A Comprehensive Logistics Operation

Because we have product inventories all over the world, maintaining a system of sophisticated logistics is pivotal to keeping these products moving either by truck, rail, or cargo ship. Our global door-to-door capabilities are complemented by a comprehensive range of value-added services including: mode and loading optimization, source to job site materials flow, management of physical inventory, break bulk, consolidation, merge in transit, factory control, inventory control, value-added warehousing and supplier management. For international shipping, we provide customs documents preparation, letters of credit and negotiable bills of lading.

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Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts

To look at Bridgewell from a perspective of our divisions is one thing, but to consider each in terms of the enormous customer base we serve is really something else. Each Bridgewell division offers depth and breadth of product with services to support the division in full. Compound this with the sheer volume of businesses, industries, and manufacturers who depend on the Bridgewell supply chain and it is abundantly clear that the strength of our organization is built on more than our inventories—it is built on the extraordinary diversity of the customers we serve.

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