Superior Supply Chain Management and Logistics Make Bridgewell a Highly Desirable, Value-added Resource

Bridgewell maintains inventories throughout an international network of distribution centers and facilitates this global operation with a highly reliable system of supply-chain management and logistics. Our knowledge, experience, and financial stability give customers the flexibility to determine how their products are ordered and how they are delivered; they know we can be counted on to deliver, whatever it takes.



A Firm Stance on Environmental Stewardship

Bridgewell has made a company-wide commitment to policies promoting conservation of natural resources, including responsible stewardship of forests and sustainable forestry practices. Every day, we work to strike a reasonable balance between economic pursuit and environmental protection. While we are not timber producers, do not own timberland and have no logging operations, we are buyers and sellers of forest products and building materials so it is critical that we maintain a commitment to promoting conservation of natural resources. We comply with all federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations; we integrate environmental considerations into our business planning and decision making processes. Bridgewell is a member of multiple trade associations and stay actively engaged in supporting the interests of the wood products community.

Bridgewell is PEFC & FSC chain-of-custody certified.


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