Serving customers with a highly reliable supply chain that is constantly evolving to meet the demands of cusotmers' markets.

Bridgewell Sustainable Solutions (BSS) has helped customers across the country with responsible disposal of their treated wood products. As companies deal with increasingly stringent federal, state and local regulations, our tailor-made programs help utilities, telephone companies, railroads and others comply with regulations and keep the treated wood out of landfills. Our efficient, multi-option programs provide everything from collection and transport to preparation and disposal. Our practices are sound, cost effective, and efficient—we assure 100% destruction of the treated wood. And the solutions we provide are sustainable—incineration can be used for electrical cogeneration or as an alternative fuel source in manufacturing.

Serving as a highly reliable supply chain with a network that reaches far and wide, Bridgewell is a dynamic company that is constantly evolving to meet the demands of our customers’ markets. With every decision we make, we weigh the costs—monetary and environmental. We are dedicated to striking a reasonable balance between economic pursuits and environmental protection. Saving dollars is not efficient if it is at the expense of something precious, like our forests. Bridgewell is a global resource and we are a resourceful company—one that will examine all possibilities to find the best value with the most expedient delivery system, leaving the least possible environmental footprint. With Bridgewell, this is a matter of economy and of conscience.


  • At any given time, approximately 150 million treated wood poles are in service throughout the US. While 3 percent of these poles are removed from service each year, 6 million new poles are added. With railroad ties, timbers, and crossarms added to the mix, the volume is even greater. Taking care to properly dispose of treated wood products to keep them out of landfills will continue to be a BSS challenge and service.

Client-focused custom disposal solutions include

  • •Multi-option programs tailored to the operation

  • •Services include collection, transport, preparation and disposal
  • •Cost efficient with quality assurances
  • •Mitigates liability while complying with environmental regulations

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