Bridgewell’s Emergency Service Ramps Up Efforts in Hurricane Sandy’s Wake

Posted November 15th, 2012

Bridgewell Resources’ Emergency/Storm Service team has been transporting utility poles to a number of its customers – utility & telecommunications companies - since the super storm rocked the Northeast late October. We provide our customers with complete storm response service, multiple supply sources, and flexible logistics options for moving material quickly in times of need. We are well known in the industry for our added value during weather-related issues like Hurricane Sandy.

Chris Slonaker, Bridgewell’s Utility & Construction Division’s east coast sales manager, said that despite the challenges of limited supplies, blocked roads for delivery and shortages of trucks, Bridgewell’s plants have been operating 24-hours a day to try to keep up with the heightened demand for utility poles.

In addition, Bridgewell has also been instrumental in the proper disposal of the utility poles damaged by the storm. Bridgewell’s treated pole disposal program offers a wide range of solutions including incineration, reclamation and remanufacturing depending on the client’s specific need.

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Want to donate to the Hurricane Sandy Response? Click here to go to the Red Cross Charitable Donation page.