What is a timber mat?

Timber mats provide temporary roadways, staging areas, or work pads. They are the strongest type of road map available. They are essential for construction projects with mud, sand, or permafrost conditions.

Timber mats can also be used as an air bridge to move heavy equipment safely over pipelines, water barriers, and eroding terrain.



How long do timber mats last?

Timber mat durability depends on what type you select, ranging between 2 and 25 years. However, no matter the mat you choose, mat quality, maintenance and care, and the type of construction and use frequency are key factors in durability.

That’s why we supply the best quality mats—for reliable longevity. In the case of short-term and lightweight projects, we offer short- and long-term rental options and a buy-back program.



Laminated Mats | Bridgewell Mats

Count on Bridgewell to have the laminated timber mats you need for a broad spectrum of job sites: wind, marine, drill sites, transmission lines, pipelines, or bridges. Buy new, used, or rent.


Crane Mats

Bridgewell crane mats perform on major industrial, commercial, and construction sites across the country. Our crane mats provide reliable platform stability for heavy load and critical lifting hydro and crawler crane jobs. You can buy or purchase crane mats with our buy back option.


Dragline Excavator Mats

Dragline excavator mats are ideal for use on wind power and transmission line projects, pipeline construction, drill sites, or any other site where rubber-tired or tracked vehicles, excavators or dragline machinery is in use. Buy new, used, rent or purchase with buy-back option.


Outrigger Pads

Bridgewell outrigger pads are heavy duty and made from your choice of select hardwoods - Douglas fir, hemlock, or birch. Composite outrigger pads are available upon request.


Pipeline Skids, Saddles, Cradles

Bridgewell keeps all pipeline matting products in stock. Our pipeline cradles and pipeline saddles will always be ready for immediate delivery to your construction site. Contact us for fast quotes and remember that we deliver to any job site in North America.


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