Bridgewell Mats Provides Outrigger Pad Options for Any Construction Site

For construction sites needing to stabilize heavy equipment with a small footprint, Bridgewell has a full range of heavy-duty outrigger pads. Whether you need to stabilize a crane on an industrial worksite, or on on city streets our outrigger pads can be ordered in the size and thickness your site needs, and are manufactured from composite materials and other wood options.

Bridgewell outrigger pads are ideal for stabilizing heavy equipment and cranes for variety of jobs, including:

  • Pipeline construction & hydro machinery
  • Transmission and telecom line work
  • Dam and waterway maintenance work
  • Railway or streetcar work
  • Renewable energy and wind farms

Have questions about our outrigger pads?​

Contact Bridgewell Mats to talk with one of our mats experts. We will help you determine the best size, thickness and material for the ground conditions and equipment at your construction site.

Outrigger Pad Detail

  • Available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes

  • Choose hardwoods, Douglas Fir, Hemlock or Birch
  • Composite available upon request
  • Lifting handles available

Why Choose Bridgewell

  • Off-Hour Deliveries

  • Logistical Expertise
  • Incredibly Fast Shipping
  • US Inventory Locations throughout the country
  • Customized pads for your specific needs

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