Longtime Bridgewell customers know we are a company that values our working relationships. As troubleshooters and creative problem solvers, we rise to every challenge. We have the knowledge, experience, and financial stability to address cost savings from every angle. And because we know what’s at stake for our customers, we will invest the time and energy to see a situation through to a satisfying conclusion. This is standard Bridgewell operating procedure — whatever is needed, whatever it takes.

Bridgewell has the reach and resources to provide customers with product lines from a broad range of product and service categories. We have the financial strength to ensure consistent product availability with superior supply chain management from many locations. Our team provides ongoing communications and 24/7 support.

Contractor Direct

Single Source, Mill-Direct Building Materials, Supplies, Services, and Logisitics

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Wood Framing & Lumber Panels

By the trainload or truckload, we’re are always ready to deliver lumber and panel products in all grades, sizes, and species.

Specialty Building Materials

From adhesives to weatherization systems, Bridgewell sources all the necessary materials and supplies for multi-family construction projects.

Contractor Services

Personalized services including expert logistics, inventory management, comprehensive materials sourcing and rapid, effective trouble shooting.

Bridgewell Connect

Contractor Building Materials, Project Management, and Value Engineering Estimating


Invite Us to Bid Your Job

Providing excellent project management and materials logistics consulting by adding an experienced team member to your crew.

Building Materials

Our deep experience in materials consulting, shipping logistics and value engineering provides peace of mind that you are getting competitive pricing.

Value Engineering

We focus on the customer's value decision, whether that focus is productivity, material cost, quality standard or delivery timeline.

Project Management

We review construction documents, review job-specific needs, suggest value engineering opportunities, and highlight concerns as needed.

Commercial Millwork

Frames, hardware, finishing and fixtures for multi-family housing development projects.


Bridgewell Mats

Delivered To Major Infrastructure Projects Across North America


Crane Mats

Constructed with countersunk nuts and washers, and the ends of the mats are coated with protective sealant to help prevent splitting and cracking.

Laminated Mats

3-ply laminated construction mats are an affordable, yet durable alternative to heavy duty access mats, perfect for lighter load demands or rubber-tire vehicles.

Dragline Excavator Mats

Ideal for use on wind power and transmission line projects, or anywhere that rubber-tired or tracked vehicles, excavators or dragline machinery is in use.

Construction Mat Rental

Our rental programs can be adjusted to fit your project’s short or long-term needs. We offer weekly, monthly, and even yearly rental rates.

Used Mats

Our used mat program is an excellent way to purchase fully functional mats that are still in very good condition.

Mats Buyback Program

Buy new or used construction mats from Bridgewell and we’ll buy them back when your project is completed.

Crane Mat Services

We can help with removal, resale, reuse, recycling and disposal of a wide variety of mats.

Dura-Base Composite Mats

The temporary road solution in challenging, environmentally sensitive locations including wetlands, permafrost, tundra and tidal marsh.

MegaDeck Mats

Bridgewell’s MegaDeck mats interlock to make highly reliable temporary roadways for vehicles, equipment, and personnel with tremendous weight-bearing capacity.

DuraDeck Mats

An interlocking ground access system engineered for ground protection and traction when working over mud, marshy areas or sand.

HDPE Light Duty Mats

Provide a stable, uniform surface on sites for utility, marine, and bridge work, golf courses, for city construction and environmental remediation.

Skids, Saddles, & Cradles

We have pipeline products in stock at all times, for when your project site needs dunnage to raise equipment off the ground, or to elevate pipe for easy access.

Construction Outrigger Pads

Our outrigger pads can be ordered in the size and thickness your site needs, and are manufactured from hardwoods, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Birch, or composite materials.

Utility & Construction

Ready with Utility, Telecom, and Infrastructure Materials


Treated Wood Utility Poles

Used for distribution and transmission, treated wood poles offer low-maintenance longevity and economy that is both renewable and recyclable.

Treated Wood Crossarms

Bridgewell’s treated wood cross arms are available in a variety of sizes and applications, all meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Treated Wood Sign Posts

A complete line of treated traffic posts, signposts, and vineyard posts in a wide selection of treatments, species, diameters and lengths.

New Railroad Ties

Exceptional selection in bulk and wholesale quantities. Choose treated or untreated in all standard sizes in AREMA and industrial grades.

Railroad Bridge Timbers

We have strategic inventories located across North America ready for immediate delivery. Treated and untreated with custom cutting and fabrication available.

Used Railroad Ties

Treated and untreated used railroad ties in bulk for a broad range of applications, available in creosote, copper napthenate and ACZA treatments.

Timbers & Decking

Available solid sawn or glulam, treated or untreated in species and drying method of your choice, for construction, marine industries, soldier piles and lagging walls.

Marine & Foundation Piling

We’ve earned a reputation for having a consistent inventory, ready for immediate delivery with dependable quality and competitive pricing.

Fiberglass Composite Poles

Noted for superior strength-to-weight characteristics, fiberglass shafts are available in tapered, square-straight, or decorative fluted.

Sustainable Solutions

Green, Sustainable Commercial Disposal Programs for Out-of-Service Wood Products


Sustainable Products & Services

Bridgewell takes the responsible removal of treated wood seriously, making certain that the disposal process results in the least amount of environmental impact.

Sustainable Hurricane Cleanup

Bridgewell knows the extreme challenges to be faced when an entire region is devastated. Responding quickly and decisively is of paramount importance.

Wood Products

Wholesale Distributors of Lumber, Wood and Panel Products


Hardwood Lumber

We supply quality North American and international hardwood lumber, strips, molder blanks, dimension parts, millwork, and timbers in all species.

Wood Mouldings, Millwork, & Cutstock

Our product line includes mouldings, cut stock, blocks, blanks, millwork, clears, timbers, joists and planks, siding, decking, scaffold plank, and more.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

We source the best quality products and handle everything from green lumber to a stripped flooring product, planed with tongue and groove sides and ends.

Wood Panel Products

Used for constructing high-performance structures, our wood panel products are available in a full range of species and grades.

Specialty Softwood Boards

We feature Ponderosa Pine, Eastern White Pine, Domestic Spruce, as well as European Spruce and Pine boards, with other species available upon request.

Wood Product Customer Services

We handle all freight logistics from mill to customer whether your products are shipped via truck, barge or rail - and we offer mixed truck loads.

Global Import Export

We handle all the freight logistics from the mill to the customer, with just-in-time and vendor-managed inventory (VMI) services available.

Reclaimed Lumber & Boards

Appreciated for its quality and character, reclaimed wood is a popular choice for furniture, paneling, flooring, cabinets, and architectural designs.