Used for sustainable agriculture practices

PAR4® Greensand (glauconite) is a naturally occurring iron-potassium silicate used to remineralize soil. Long used in sustainable agriculture, PAR4® Greensand provides essential trace elements, including silicon, to help loosen hard soils, bind sandy soils, and contributes to plant health – strengthening the plants ability to withstand disease and insect attack. Finely ground so over 70% passes through a #100 screen, nutrients are rapidly utilized by the plant. It can be incorporated into soil mixes and compost.

Packaged in 50 pound and bulk tote bags. Sold in truckload and pallet quantities. Dealer referral offered for less than minimum quantities.

  • Used for sustainable agriculture practices

  • Good source of silicon
  • Loosens hard soils
  • Binds sandy soils
  • Good source of trace elements
  • Helps feed soil microbe populations
  • Apply with conventional spreaders, seeders, or drill
  • Soil test recommended before application
  • OMRI Listed
  • CDFA OIM Registered

Product Downloads

PAR4® Greensand (Glauconite) Flyer

PAR4® Greensand (Glauconite) Label

PAR4® Greensand (Glauconite) CDFA OIM Registered Certificate

Bridgewell Agribusiness PAR4® Greensand (Glauconite) OMRI Certificate

Bridgewell Resources PAR4® Greensand (Glauconite) OMRI Certificate

PAR4® Greensand (Glauconite) Safety Data Sheet

PAR4® Greensand (Glauconite) Typical Analysis or Lab Reports

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