Provides essential micronutrients, enzymes and vitamins to plants

PAR4® Kelp Meal (ascophyllum nodosum) is sourced from sustainably harvested seaweed and marine algae.  It is an organic plant nutrient that provides natural Nitrogen and Potassium, essential micronutrients, enzymes and vitamins.  The product feeds beneficial soil microbes and contributes to organic matter content in soils and soil mixes.  What results is improved soil structure, reduced plant stress and improved resistance to pests and diseases.  PAR4® kelp meal is easy to apply by incorporating into the soil or soil blends, by top dressing or as an ingredient in compost or compost tea.

Packaged in 50 and 55 pound bags and bulk tote bags. Sold in truckload and pallet quantities. Dealer referral offered for less than minimum quantities.


  • Environmentally friendly fertilizer

  • Contains 1% Nitrogen and 2% Potash
  • Adds trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • Promotes soil microbial activity
  • OMRI Listed
  • CDFA OIM Registered

Product Downloads

PAR4® 1-0-2 Kelp Meal Flyer

PAR4® 1-0-2 Kelp Meal Label (Domestic)

PAR4® 1-0-2 Kelp Meal Label (Norway)

PAR4® 1-0-2 Kelp Meal Typical Analysis

PAR4® 1-0-2 Kelp Meal CDFA OIM Registered Certificate

Bridgewell Agribusiness PAR4® 1-0-2 Kelp Meal OMRI Certificate

Bridgewell Resources PAR4® 1-0-2 Kelp Meal OMRI Certificate

PAR4® 1-0-2 Kelp Meal Safety Data Sheet

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