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Heavy Duty Rugged-Road™ Interlocking System

Known for its superior strength, our heavy-duty Rugged-Road™ is an all-weather composite interlocking system engineered to provide access for vehicles, equipment, and personnel over soft ground.

Because it is designed to distribute heavy weight over a large surface area, Rugged-Road™ will safely and securely contain equipment as it traverses over varying ground conditions.

Rugged-Road™ is made with incredibly strong, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), ideal for temporary roadways, basic work compounds, and multi-purpose support surfaces. This product is virtually indestructible so it can be used for anything from shoring and general construction to drilling and mining operations. Rugged-Road™is a Bridgewell Mats exclusive.

  • Engineered interlocking mat system made with high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Provides stable, uniform roadways for heavy loads with tremendous weight-bearing capacity
  • Fully modular—can be connected in any direction with heavy-duty locking fasteners for secure operation
  • Overlapping flange system allows adjacent mat flanges to nest for additional strength and rigidity
  • Standard large mat 4.25”x7.5’x14’ (1030 lbs.);
  • Standard small mat 4.25”x7.5’x7.5' (530 lbs.)
  • Ideal for build-outs on work platform, bone yard or contaminant area
  • Gasketed seal-off lids prevent moisture and other contaminants from penetrating mats—will not rot, deteriorate or delaminate
  • UV resistant: all-weather performance
  • Environmentally friendly, non-porous design
  • Design prevents mats from slipping, detaching or seeping mud
  • Minimal reclamation at project completion
  • Portable and reusable; pressure wash to clean


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