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Rugged-Roadâ„¢ Heavy Duty Composite Mats

Rugged-Road™ can be used in all weather conditions and are manufactured using long lasting High Density polyethylene (HDPE) that provides the ultimate in UV resistance, static dissipative properties and tremendous strength and loading capabilities over a multitude of ground surfaces. Rugged-Road’s integrated locking system is designed for secure, safe operation, and allow engineers to use their design values to help on project calculations

Rugged-Road’s environmentally friendly, non-porous design can be used in for industrial and construction applications such as wind power, transmission line and pipeline construction, bridge building, drilling site development, barge work and more, where traction, access, and reusability is important.

Rugged-Road Mat Features

  • All-weather performance
  • Engineered interlocking mat system with a standard thickness of 4.25”x7.5’x14’ for the large mat and 4.25”x7.5’x7.5' for the smaller version
  • Strong, stable and uniform surface designed to provide traction and prevent slipping
  • Unique locking fasteners for secure operation
  • Will not rot, deteriorate or absorb contaminates over time
  • Easily cleaned by pressure washing or high powered hosing
  • Portable and reusable because of their strength and weight (approx. 1050 lbs.)
  • Used in all matting applications of wind power, transmission lines, pipelines, marine work, bridge building, drill sites, barge work, environmental remediation and more


The Rugged Road™ SLP is a slim and solid composite mat that can hold up to your toughest projects. Contact us for more information about features and availability.

Like the versatile original Rugged Road™ mat, these thinner, lighter mats still provide durability and convenience for construction and industrial uses, as well as maximize volume and decrease weight for transporting.

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