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DURA-BASEĀ® Composite Mat System

Our cost-effective DURA-BASE® composite mat system performs on the toughest jobs in the most challenging conditions—think sand, muskeg, tundra, mud, tidal marsh, native prairie, permafrost, and wetlands.

Specifically formulated from high-performance thermoplastic, DURA-BASE® mats are ideally suited for environmentally sensitive areas where ground protection and heavy equipment stabilization is difficult yet seriously required: oil and gas projects, military operations, and disaster relief support are specific examples where DURA-BASE is up to the task. And just as important, DURA-BASE provides the uniform surface needed for optimal access capability with little or no soil disruption.


  • Long-lasting engineered composite mat system
  • Twist lock fasteners lock each mat solidly in place with a single 90-degree turn
  • Overlapping lip system ensures continuous barrier between ground and work surface to reduce drift or slippage
  • Follows surface contours for terrain flexibility; provides heavy equipment stabilization
  • Ideal for safe, strong temporary roads or work surfaces
  • Large: 8’l x 14’w x 4.25”d (900 pounds)
  • Small: 8’l  x 7.6’w x 4.25”d (525 pounds)
  • Provides extra measure of safety
  • Built-in tread pattern improves traction for load-bearing vehicles
  • Performs in environmentally sensitive areas with little or no soil disturbance
  • Get years of reusable performance; pressure wash to clean
  • Maneuver easily with standard forklift; easy to transport from one jobsite to another
  • Year-round, all-weather performance
  • Contains additive that combines with plastic to increase conductivity, eliminating potential for static build up


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