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Composite Mats

Composite mats from Bridgewell Resources offer strong, stable, uniform surfaces for a variety of industrial and construction environments. We offer a variety of mats, including heavy duty High Density polyethylene mats, light duty High Density polyethylene and event mats to meet your specific needs.

We currently offer the following types of composite mats:

Premium Products

At Bridgewell Resources, we offer composite mats for the utility and construction industry that meet the strictest industry standards, ensuring you a superior product. Whether you need mats for crane support, pipeline jobs, temporary road access, trestle bridges or other applications, we can provide the product built to your unique specifications.

Personalized Service

With years of experience, we know the utility and construction industry and the unique situations that you face. Our commitment to quality and service excellence is unsurpassed in the industry.

Fast Delivery

We have several manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the United States to accommodate your specific job-site delivery schedule. Our mats are readily available to handle small to large orders. And our paperless transactions help ease the delivery process and expedite the delivery schedule.

Competitive Pricing

We pass the savings on to you. Backed by Bridgewell Resouces' financial strength and transportation expertise, we get the best rates and can arrange freight for you. Try us out. You’ll see the difference.

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