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Conventional Agriculture

We are a wholesale distributor of soil amendments, natural fertilizers and mineral products to commercial fertilizer dealers, fertilizer-spreading services, retail farm services, lawn and garden packagers, lawn care firms, horticultural products supply houses, and suppliers to the golf course and turf trade.

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Gypsum is a natural, mined material containing calcium and sulfate sulfur, acceptable for use in organic growing and commercial agriculture, adding to compost or in soil mixes.

Bridgewell Resources supplies quality, high analysis, natural gypsum from mining operations in the western U.S. The gypsum ore is ground to a consistency that enables growers and farmers to apply the material using conventional broadcast spreaders. An inexpensive source of calcium and sulfur, gypsum counteracts sodium and causes clay particles to bind together enabling better water percolation.

Drammatic brand liquid fish fertilizers are OMRI Listed and can be used in organic and conventional growing. Manufactured using fresh, wild fish carefully processed at low temperatures. This cold process is called hydrolyzing and it maintains the integrity of the naturally occuring amino acids, proteins and oils in the fish. After hydrolyzing, the product is pushed through a 200 mesh screen to remove solids that can clog emitters and sprinkler heads. All the Dramm fish fertilizers can be applied as a foliar feed through drip and conventional irrigation systems.

Darren MacFarlane
Sales Manager, Fertilizer & Minerals
Fax: (503) 742-1198
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