Global Sourcing, Manufacturing and Distribution

Quality Controlled Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Because Bridgewell imports and exports an extraordinary breadth of food ingredients and agriculture products, we know that timing is everything. Having a highly efficient logistics and supply chain management operation in place is integral to meeting delivery schedules and maintaining overall quality control of shipments. Our supply chain is a comprehensive logistical network that includes dry warehousing and bulk liquid storage and designated freight carriers to ship product. Bridgewell’s compliance team is experienced in international shipping protocols including documentation, logistics, and customs; our track record is proof positive that we are well prepared to meet all commitments made to our customers.

Exceeding Expectations with Import/export Expertise

Working closely with customers to clearly identify what products are to be sourced and with what specifications, Bridgewell sees to it that all requirements are met. We have ongoing relationships with a worldwide network of trusted resources, relationships with farmers and crop managers, and the experience to know the necessity of having multiple product sources ready to go with backup plans in place. We are dedicated to seeing each shipment through from point of origin to its final destination while maintaining an ongoing line of communication with our customers.


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